6 Fashion Tips for Women with Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders demand more definition. If you agree with me, you might want to know how to dress when you have narrow shoulders.

With narrow shoulders, it’s important to understand how to get the knack of proportion. So if you have a pear-shaped or athletic figure, please keep on reading.

  1. Broaden your shoulders with a boat-style neckline

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The beauty of the boat-neck is that it offers a wider, higher neckline. The kind that reaches from one shoulder to the other! I don’t know about higher but a wider neckline is definitely very useful at such times. Cause it paves the way for more defined and broader shoulders. In terms of appearance, of course!

You can make the most of the neckline by choosing boatneck-style tops. Designed with horizontal stripes! Doesn’t that sound like the most brilliant thing to do?

The neckline cuts high and straight across. This is what makes your not-so-broad shoulders, as well as chest, seem broad enough. And the horizontal stripes create the visual width illusion. Think of it as a double effect!

  1. Embrace V-neck for balancing your narrow frame

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Going the distance with tops that have a V-neck is another ingenious idea. After all, V-necks are the most flattering of all necklines. Cause they tend to balance your frame in the most favorable manner.

Just keep in mind this wonderful fact. The broader that V-neck, the more defined and wider your shoulders look.

  1. Buy bras specifically crafted for narrow shoulders

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The best bra for sloping shoulders is what you should be looking for. And why is that? Simply because this type of bra offers a supportive, comfy, and snug fit around the shoulders.

The straps are carefully fashioned. To provide all the support your narrow shoulders crave. And to keep them from slipping off all the time!

This is an important part of how to dress when you have narrow shoulders. So don’t leave it out just because bras are under-clothing garments.

  1. Show off with a tank, let loose with an off-shoulder

What are the most suitable clothes for sloping shoulders? And by that, I mean tops, right?

The first item of clothing that comes to mind is a tank top. Camisoles and halter tops are perfect for your body with narrow shoulders. Select bright and bold hues that pop against the skin tone. And also, keep the shoulders moisturized!

Another best option is an off-shoulder top. With an off-shoulder, you can flaunt your skin in a very subtle manner. And off-shoulder tops have a wide neckline, correct? That means they do elongate the shoulders.

  1. Go wide to disguise the narrow

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Ever heard of the phrase, go wide or go home? It’s relevant to the point I’m trying to make here.

When you have narrow-set shoulders, you have to pick wide lapels, wide collars, wide straps, etc. They inevitably make your shoulders and chest appear to be bigger.

  1. Choose cap, puff, and flutter sleeves to extend shoulder line

Let’s talk about cap sleeves first. What they do is broaden the shoulder outline. And the best part about cap sleeves is how common they are. Unlike the other two sleeves I’ve discussed below!

Flutter sleeves, as you already know, are not so common. But that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Flutter sleeves are voluminous sleeves that look like inverted-shaped triangles. And they don’t disappoint when it comes to providing the illusion of broad shoulders.

Lastly, there’s no denying that puff sleeves make the shoulders appear to be wider too. But they come with a huge drawback. Puff sleeves don’t look so mature on grown women. Even so, it’s an option you can take into consideration. In case you happen to stumble upon a sophisticated puff-sleeved top!

So if you want to know how to make shoulders look broader, you’ve got to embrace these hacks.


It’s only fair to talk about how to dress when you have narrow shoulders. Cause wanting to appear broader is not a rare desire. Many women struggle with finding the right kind of clothing for their pear-shaped or athletic silhouette.

The only takeaway here is to keep experimenting with the different styles I have discussed. Not all might look good on you. But you can try them out nevertheless. Chances are at least 2-3 ideas will help!

But the one thing that definitely offers a positive outcome is the best bra for narrow or sloping shoulders. When you feel comfortable inside, you can pull off just about anything on the outside. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you have any more useful tips and hacks to share with us, please don’t be narrow about it. Like your shoulders I mean! Feel free to type them down in the comments section. Be open and broad, just like you want your shoulders to be!

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