7 Benefits of Doing Facial Yoga Every Day

7 Benefits of Doing Facial Yoga Every Day - Roxyplex

Yoga (including facial yoga) traces its roots in India. It is a set of practices that nurture bodily health and well being. Unlike other body exercises and workouts, yoga does not restrict itself to the physical. No, yoga also delves in the mental, spiritual, social, and even emotional parts of a practitioner’s life in order to cohesively nurture overall health and wellness. This, of course, includes the facial area. What yoga endeavors to achieve in your body, facial yoga will do the same for your face.

Are there benefits to doing facial yoga? Well, ResearchGate recognizes how yoga is increasing in popularity among Americans. And this is on a continual upward trend. This only goes to show that yoga most certainly works. Yoga practitioners everywhere are not quiet about the benefits they have been seeing and feeling. Here are 7 of them:

  1. It releases facial and neck tension.

Our face suffers an enormous amount of stress on a daily basis. Contaminants in the air and food we consume take a toll on our skin. The pressure of work and family duties often show on our faces. Without noticing it, our face tenses a lot of times within the day. With facial yoga, your face is able to release the tension.

  1. It promotes blood circulation.

Facial yoga fosters an efficient circulation of blood around the face and body. This helps the supply of oxygen to freely reach your brain and body organs, which is important for you to feel and perform at your best.

  1. It reduces the onset and appearance of wrinkles.

As facial yoga relieves your face of tension, it also helps lessen or prevent skin aging problems like wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. It brings you to peace and calm; unleashing self-confidence.

Facial yoga incorporates breathing and meditational techniques. It settles you into a state of rest, release, and acceptance. Your body and mind discover peace and calm. You leave the session free from confusion and with renewed self-confidence as well as focus.

  1. It relieves headaches and migraines.

Facial yoga’s meditation and breathing exercises help expel head tension and pain. It’s no surprise that a research study found headache and migraine sufferers to be recovering faster when treatments were accompanied by yoga.

  1. It builds muscle strength; toning and tightening your skin.

Science says the face has at least 42 muscles and as you do facial yoga, you are building strength with these muscles. Naturally, stronger muscles lead to better toned and tightened facial skin.

  1. It gives your face and soul a lift.

The benefits of doing facial yoga will show on your face. Positivity radiates from the face down to the soul. As physical exercises renew the body, yoga renews your body and mind. That’s a natural facelift you’d most likely love to have instead of painful needle pricks and heavy sedation.

So, should you try facial yoga? After having read all those benefits, well, why not? Start feeling positive changes, inside and out! Here’s a video to show you how to do some basic facial yoga poses so you can get started right now:

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