Makeup Tips for Men (Yes You Read That Right!)

Makeup Tips for MenMakeup has the ability to transform your look and cover up any noticeable flaws, and it’s not just limited to women anymore. You might think that makeup is designed just for females, but it is becoming increasingly popular for men. If you are a guy and you’re interested in men’s makeup, but still want to keep your look natural there are a few tips that you’ll need to follow. CoverGirl recently featured a male model in their makeup ads for the first time, so you can clearly see that the makeup industry is growing to include men. So if you’re still feeling brave and want to give male cosmetics a try, let’s go over a few of the best natural makeup tips for guys so you can at least do it properly!

Foundation Application

Foundation is a great starting place for someone who’s new to male makeup because it’s mostly used to hide imperfections or blemishes and isn’t too “flashy” or flamboyant. If you are looking to apply foundation, you need to be sure that you do not have any facial hair. If you do have a beard, foundation is not ideal because it will create a look that is inconsistent because you won’t be able to apply any foundation to the skin under your beard. If you just want to cover a few spots on your face, you can try using a concealer that is close to your natural tone – this is typically the best option for you. Blending is always key when you are wearing foundation for men (and women too, for that matter), so be sure to blend it into your hairline. A water based foundation is also better than an oil based foundation because it won’t cause so many unwanted breakouts.


If you are looking to create a makeup look that is natural but still a little dramatic you can wear eyeliner. Eyeliner can be great for guys that want to create more of a gothic look. It is the makeup look that many male rock stars have popularized. The thing is that guys don’t have to stick with just the boring black eyeliner. You can choose a blue or purple liner if you want to create a makeup look that will turn more heads. Make sure that you blend the edges of the line that you make with the liner for a more natural look. When you get more comfortable with wearing eye liner, you can start switching things up a bit more.

Lip Style

One of the hardest parts of doing makeup for guys is knowing what balance is best. If you want to wear makeup but still look natural, you need to keep things simple. This means that a nude lip color or lip balm might be best of you want   lollipops your not wearing makeup. Light colors for the lips are actually unflattering for guys, so you might want to try some darker lip colors for a makeup look that is perfect for you.

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