How to Style a Pair of Simple Ballet Flats

ballet flatsBeauty doesn’t always have to be painful to achieve. This means that instead of wearing heels that kill your feet, you can be just as fashionable in a pair of simple ballet flats. Ballet flats are very trendy right now and they can be the perfect compliment to just about any look that you are trying to create. From a casual outfit to a more professional look for the office, there are many ways that you can wear ballet flats. You just need to know the simple tips that allow you to look your best when wearing a pair of simple ballet flats.

Here are the best ways to style a pair of simple ballet flats:


You might want to wear a simple pair of shoes that are comfortable, but this does not mean that you want your entire look to be basic. In order to avoid looking too plain, you need to be sure that you wear ballet flats with accessories that make your outfit stand out. A statement necklace can be just the accessory that you need to make your entire outfit stand out more. You can wear a chambray shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats. This look might seem plain, but the a statement necklace it will stand out and get attention. The best part is that your look will not be too over the top for casual wear.

Mid Length Summer Dress

If you are looking for the perfect clothing item to pair with ballet flats, you don’t have to look any further than a mid length summer dress. This type of dress will be perfect for summertime and it goes amazingly well with a pair of ballet flats. You can create a look that is feminine, flirty and perfect for summertime. The best part about wearing a pair of simple ballet flats with this type of dress is that it won’t matter what the pattern or design of the dress is. Your ballet flats will go right with the dress as long as they are in a more neutral color. There are so many colors of ballet flats that you can choose from, which means that you can invest in a few different pairs to wear all spring, summer and fall long. Now you can look casual, but also have a very feminine flair to your style that is really flattering.

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