Top 4 Leather Gloves to Pursue in Winter Season 2016

Remember your last winter vacations when your hands almost froze off due to your wrong gloves’ selection and you should not be adding another year to your suffering. Having money does not guarantee that you’ll eventually end up buying the right things. It does take some time and brain to think and buy the product you actually need and same is true for the selection of gloves. Before you get confused in the sea of leather gloves and cannot decide what to leave and what to buy, here are a few favorite pain leather gloves by GSG:

leather-gloves-11. GSG Men’s Black Out-sewing Metal Button Deerskin Leather Gloves

If you need gloves for skiing or hiking, this black out-sewing metal button deerskin leather gloves by GSG is the best pick for you as it offers you 3 lines of stitching decoration, which does not only look attractive and charming but will also be handy in tough skiing situations. Moreover, it is 100% deer skin leather, hardware metal and wool lining.

Price: $69.97





2. GSG Men’s Brown Warm Wool Lining Goat Skin Leather Gloves

If you’re looking for a relatively warm and wool lining leather gloves and not in conservative black color, this can definitely be your best choice from GSG collection. This pair of gloves has 100% goat leather and wool lining. There is also a color contrast visible for the palm and front glove color, which makes them more attractive to look at.

Price: $49.97





leather-gloves-33. GSG Men’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves with Button Snap

This special black-colored deerskin leather driving pair of gloves comes with an exclusive button snap, 3 lines of stitching and strapping with metal snap. Its charming wool lining and 100% deer skin leather makes it stronger in tough conditions. It is recommended if you’re going on some hill station for a family trip especially during the winter season.

Price: $69.97





leather-gloves-44. Fioretto Women’s Exquisite Embroidery Artwork Leather Gloves

If you’re looking for a wonderful pair of gloves for your girlfriend or wife, this exquisite embroidery artwork leather gloves is definitely one mesmerizing gift to go for. It is made of genuine goat Nappa leather and has attractive viscose lining, impressive embroidery and special cuff design that can appeal to our girlfriend or wife and they can be used anytime during the winter season.

Price: $49.97

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