Discover a Moroccan Spa Experience Right Inside Your Own Home

Why pamper yourself at any spa when you can indulge with exotic Moroccan home spa treatments? With the Virginia-based Jeune Beaute, our mission is to bring this luxurious experience to you any time you desire by delivering top-tier Moroccan spa products to your door.

Explore the full line of soaps, mud masks, scrubs, and lotions to refresh and purify your body and soul after a week of hard work. Use individual products or one of our beautifully packaged sets to treat yourself with the ultimate at-home spa ritual you’ll come to love.

It’s ideal for you to take a relaxing soak in a tub full of warm water for 15 to 20 minutes or steam up your bathroom with the shower and allow the warmth to penetrate your skin. Once primed, you can begin your own ritual of indulgence from soap and scrubs to mud masks and lotions.

How to Have the Perfect Home Spa Day with Jeune Beaute products

Moroccan spas are exotic and luxurious. Luckily, with Jeune Beaute products it is easy to recreate the ambience at home. But first you need to set aside private time for at least two hours so you can fully luxuriate in the splendor of these enriching natural products and to enhance your beauty, wellness, and spirit.

Here is what Jeune Beaute recommends for your own personalized treatment.

  1. Set the stage

As you get ready to prime your skin with warm water and steam, add candles for an ethereal touch. Also, keep fresh purified water handy so you can stay hydrated.

  1. Choose your soap

Jeune Beaute’s impeccable black soap is available with an olive oil or an argan oil base. The main difference between them is that the argan oil-based black soap is better for those with blemish-prone skin.

Both soaps come in a unique tub presentation. As Jeune Beaute doesn’t use any chemicals or additives, the soap comes to you in the purest form. It may range in consistency from liquid to paste-like. You only need a small amount mixed with water in your hands.

Watch with amazement as the black soap turns white before your eyes. Jeune Beaute’s soaps do not foam up like traditional soaps but you will soon feel the impeccably indulgent cleansing for your face, body, and hair. Rinse it after allowing it to absorb for about 10 minutes.

  1. Exfoliate for extra smoothness

Part of that spectacular spa experience you love is that your skin feels so fresh and renewed. The best way to take it there is through exfoliating products by Jeune Beaute. After rinsing your chosen Jeune Beaute soap away, use one of the scrubs – Kessa or Leefa (aka Loafa or Loufa) – to buff away dead skin cells.

A gentle touch is all you need to achieve the glorious skin you deserve. You should also use the Jeune Beaute volcanic pumice stone to smooth your feet. Nothing feels better than having soft skin from head to toe, reviving your spirit and restoring your sensual side.

  1. Mask your troubles away

Jeune Beaute mud masks are unlike any other. Made with Moroccan mud that comes from the Atlas Mountains, it is the base for their esteemed mud masks. In either Plain or HerboTherapy100™ -supplemented varieties, they are ideal for nourishing your skin and hair with natural beauty and health.

Our mud masks arrive to you in its purest form. You may prepare only what you need for your spa experience at home. Expect to transform your skin into a soft and more elasticized feel and look, thanks to beneficial minerals like copper, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium, manganese, and selenium found in the plain mud and the additional skin-nourishing vitamins found in HerboTherapy™ -supplemented mud.

Each mask has a naturally abrasive texture but is gentle enough to exfoliate your skin without unnecessary damage. You prepare it by mixing a spoonful of mud with a small amount of warm water or, better yet, Jeune Beaute’s rose water. The results are truly spectacular!

You’ll find a deepened cleanse thanks to the bonding powers of the Moroccan mud that draws out dirt, oil, and sebum from your pores. It also deepens the cleansing further to extract toxins so you’ll not only have refined pores and smooth skin, but also a renewed sense of health inside and out.

Jeune Beaute focuses on beauty that goes deeper and more decadent than other at-home spa treatments. Both of our muds are perfect for healing the scalp too. Remove dead skin cells and sebum near your hair follicles and promote hair wellness. The intensive conditioning properties of this unique Moroccan element leave even wild untamed hair with a soft, silky, and manageable feel.

  1. Enjoy the kiss of a rose

Rose water is a prized ingredient in many cultures. In Morocco, it is a treasure. Beyond that, this heavenly natural aroma is what Jeune Beaute is all about. The Rose Water Collection offers a beautiful rose water spray that is perfect for calming and hydrating your skin between each step. You can also mix and match this collection with the other items by Jeune Beaute to customize your home-spa experience.

  1. Seal the deal

At the end of your special spa time at home, don’t forget that Jeune Beaute’s exotic line of Moroccan spa products are designed for the full spectrum of skin healing. Choose one of our lotions made from natural plant-based ingredients and touched with natural essential oils for aromas that whisk you to far-off lands.

  1. Relax a little

Close your eyes and rest for an hour. Enjoy your favorite beverage while dreaming for the revived new you that is ready now to face the world.

Make this a weekly ritual to rejuvenate your skin and inject a fresh sense of well-being. You most certainly deserve it.

Ready to make your own special spa treatment days at home? View Jeune Beaute’s glamorous collection of spa products and begin your new ritual today! Visit today.

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