4 Amazing Things You Should Know About Vegan Shampoo

Over the years, the shampoo currently making the rounds have been tested on animals at a detrimental outcome to the animals used in the testing. Following worldwide uproar by individuals and animal rights activists, manufacturers have started producing cruel free and natural shampoos. This is what is now called vegan shampoo. The shampoo does not contain animal ingredients, and they are completely natural and organic. The best way to tell the difference between a vegan shampoo and a non-vegan shampoo is the ingredients used. However, manufacturers are getting cocky with the listing of the present ingredients despite rules that state they must disclose every ingredient in the shampoo.

Let us look at the things you need to know about vegan shampoo.

They Do Not Skimp On Quality

The misconception that the vegan shampoos are of low quality is just an effort by the commercial shampoo manufacturers in the quest to strife the growth of companies making organic and vegan shampoos. The vegan shampoos contain all the necessary ingredients that will clean your hair off all oil and dirt build up.

However, before making the purchasing decision, ensure to check that the shampoo is certified and completely free of animal ingredients such as animal-based Cetyl Alcohol. Have you ever thought about the source of the restorative protein in commercial shampoos? Commercial shampoos contain parabens, which are preservatives that leave the scalp dry and damaged follicles.

Organic and vegan shampoos use natural plant-based ingredients. The ingredients improve not only the health of your scalp but also your overall body health. Be sure to check the label of the shampoo bottle before you add it to your shopping cart.

They Have Fewer Ingredients than Mainstream Shampoos

Vegan shampoos are completely organic, and this means that they will inevitably have fewer ingredients than the commercial shampoos. The absence of the animal ingredients makes for upholding the structural integrity of your hair and sustains your overall health. The vegan shampoo manufacturers opt out of using harmful ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which accelerates the process of hair loss. It can also cause eye damage if it gets into your eye.

Vegan Shampoos Stimulate Hair Growth

Unlike the ingredients used in corporate shampoos that accelerate hair loss, vegan shampoos incorporate ingredients sourced from alternative sources such as coconuts for cetyl alcohol. They stimulate the growth of healthy, shiny, and bouncy hair. Furthermore, they are fortified with essential oils that are good for your hair.

You must have heard of oils such as jojoba and tea tree oils, derived from plants, which add minerals and vitamins to your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Pricier Than the Typical Shampoo

Adding animal ingredients and testing shampoos on animals are one of the reasons that commercial shampoos are so cheap. Manufacturers of vegan shampoos go the extra mile to make their shampoos as effective as possible using natural plant-based ingredients, and this added process will eventually push up the price of the final product.


The increased awareness has forced more companies to go vegan and organic in their product, and you can expect a lot of amazing vegan shampoos. With more demand, there will be more supply, and it is upon you to make the switch.

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