A Quick Rundown of the Different Types of Body Jewelry

Getting a piercing can be a way to express your style and your personality. Many people think that body jewelry is all the same and the only difference is sterling or gold, but this is not the case at all. There are many different types and style of body jewelry that you can choose from. If you are getting your ear, nose or any other part of your body pierced, it is important that you know what the different types of jewelry are. There are a lot more options than you realize and knowing the different options is key. Now you can be informed when you are trying to find the perfect type of body jewelry for your piercing.


This is a type of metal that some body jewelry can be made from. One thing that you need to know about nickel body jewelry is that it can be very cheap. This is a type of metal that is known to be very inexpensive, which is why it can sometimes be a popular body jewelry option. If you are looking for a type of body jewelry that is most affordable, nickel is the one that you will often choose over others. It is one that is also known to sometimes change color over time as it wears, so nickel body jewelry is not a type that you can keep for a long period of time. It should also be noted that some people have sensitivities to nickel, so it’s not for everyone. That being said, it’s a nice cheap option that you can buy when you want something different.

Belly Button Jewelry

Not only can the material that the jewelry is made from range, but the type can range depending on what part of the body the piercing is for. Belly button jewelry has a unique design and shape that is specific to this part of the body. If you choose to have your belly button pierced, you will have to find belly button jewelry that will fit perfectly into your belly button piercing. It has a curved long shape that is unique and will go right into your belly button. It has a curve design with a ball on the end to hold it into place. When you have a pierced belly button, this is the only jewelry that you can choose.

Labret Stud

This is a type of body jewelry is for cartilage piercings of any type. This means that if you have the cartilage in your ear or nose pierced, this is a type of body jewelry that you can choose to wear. It is designed to be lightweight and is for piercings that do not cause a lot of swelling. Just make sure that you do secure it in place when you wear his type of jewelry and be wear of snags.

Even though these are some of the most popular types of body jewelry that you can choose from. There are many others that are also available. Just be aware that no matter where your piercing may be, there is a specific type of body jewelry for that part of the body.

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