All American Style: What to Wear to Holiday Events

holiday styleThe Fourth of July celebrates American independence. This holiday is commemorated with barbeques, parades, galas and more. No matter the occasion, have your style ready for any event. Mix your personal style with patriotic color palettes for a winning look. Whether you are attending a holiday wedding or going on a vacation, red white and blue are the go-to colors. It is easy to fall into typical holiday outfits, so keep reading for styling tips to stand out.

Get The Hair

Holiday hair should be full of fun. Add some hair extensions this summer and take your usual look to the next level. Use luxury hair pieces for extra glamour for upscale holiday events. Going somewhere more relaxed? Add clip-in extensions or crown extensions for long luxurious locks perfect for the summer time. Blue or red clip-in accents can really help pull off your patriotic look!

Wearing Red From Head To Toe

Tie red into your outfit with footwear. A very fashion forward manner of adding red to your look is with a sleek red shoe. Red shoes are classic and although they are bright in color, they typically match an abundance of outfits and can be the perfect complement to many outfits with ease. Get a new pair of red shoes for your holiday celebrations. Red sneakers, sandals or heels will never fail you. Red is also easy to incorporate with beauty products.

A red lip is a classic look that will never go out of style, so try out your best red lip on the Fourth of July. Keeping up with beauty trends, the finish and formula of lip products may change but red will always be an essential color. This year, lip gloss is at the top of the trend list. Apply a matte or satin finish red lipstick or lip pencil all over the lip. Layer a coat with a clear gloss for a subtle sheen. For a more intense glossy red lip, use a deep red gloss instead of clear.

Stay Cool Wearing White

White is a beautiful, fresh summer color. Stand out this July with an all white outfit. A white outfit will not only look cool but feel great. The summer heat can go well into 90 even 100 degree temperatures; wearing all white is great way to say cool in the summer sun. All white dresses and two piece outfits are great for summer dates, galas, work parties and more. Monochromatic looks are instantly classy and the color white has an elegant feel.

White may be perfect for many occasions but places where it may get a little colorful, all white may not be the best choice. If you are going to a barbeque or carnival, and things may get a little messy, incorporate white through beauty and accessories. Use white to accent your look instead.

Wearing Blue Means Makeup, Too

Denim is an easy all American way of wearing blue this Independence Day. Denim on denim looks are trending and very easy for anyone to pull off. Denim also looks great with red and white making a red, white and blue look attainable. Chambray and blue jean looks are chic and casual. Navy and royal blue maxi dresses, sun dresses and tank tops are also great looks for blue hued holiday style. Blue is a primary color, looks great with anything, and can also be incorporated into your holiday beauty looks. Blue eyeshadows, eyeliners and even lipsticks are perfect for this patriotic holiday.

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