Facial Massages for Skin Tightening

Today I want to tell you how to do a facial massage. What I do with this massage is I help tone and lift the skin up.

This is something you can do at home, which is less expensive than going to a spa and it’s just a nice self-care practice.

Do this in the morning. Make sure your skin is cleansed and before you do this facial massage, I highly recommend having some kind of oil on your skin because if you’re just doing it on dry skin, it pulls your skin a little too much and it just doesn’t feel nice.

Start with your oil cleanser. Make sure your skin is cleansed and clean and your hands are also clean. Use this oil cleanser to remove makeup if there is any.

This is gonna be a massage that is gonna help to tighten and firm and tone the face skin.

A lot of people on the red carpet will get a facial massage right before they go on the carpet, maybe like six hours before or the day before, just because your skin is so much more lifted and firm.

Some of the celebrities are also using this skin tightening machine for home use.

Start on one side of your face and massage in big circles. Take both of your hands and do big round

circles. This is just stimulating your circulation. Go to the other side.

You might notice you’re getting a little bit red. You don’t want to get too red. You don’t want to press too hard. Just a little bit of redness is normal because you’re rubbing your skin.

Then move these circles up to the forehead.

Once you are done, come down around your eyes.

Have you ever noticed that your mouth is starting to sag down a little bit. It’s gonna happen with age. You can push these muscles up and try to manipulate your skin a little bit. That’s kind of what a facial massage is.

I’m sure you have noticed that when you get pro massages that they focus on certain pressure points. This, besides feeling good, actually has a lot of purpose.

Certain pressure points can be associated with your pituitary gland, your endocrine system and all of these things can play a huge role in your skin care.

Just doing these little habits every day can actually help your skin health in the long run.

One pressure point is between your brows, it’s like your third eye. You can hold it for 60 seconds.

Then we’ve got pressure points under the eye. This is great if you have puffiness under your eyes or if you have swelling.

Gently use three of your fingers and just work from the inside and go out.

This next one is a really good to add in if you have some kind of sinus buildup or sinus infection or you feel like you are stuffy or congested.

You’re gonna go right outside your nose. You can take your ring fingers and just massage in circles. It  literally immediately breaks up stuff in your nose and throat. It’s like you’re pushing it back.

Those are really the main points that I get in the main focal areas.

Besides that, just stroking in an upward motion can really help lift your skin.

There’s so many great benefits besides getting rid of toxins, lifting your skin, tightening your skin, firming it.

It’s just another cool thing you can do at home.

I definitely don’t do this everyday. I would love to but there are days that I’m too busy but even if

I’m at home watching TV or in bed, just little massage with a little bit of oil can really make a difference.

Try this at home and what you should do is to take before and after pictures because when I actually do a good 15 minute facial massage, I can notice immediately that my skin is more lifted.

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