Hair Clipper Maintenance – Even the Best Hair Clippers Need a Drop of Oil!

Hair Clipper Maintenance - Even the Best Hair Clippers Need a Drop of Oil!

You just got a shiny new set of hair clippers at the store, and now you need to learn how to use them to style and trim your own facial hair. And that’s a good place to start if you want to look your best. Well-sculpted and well-trimmed facial hair says a lot about you. But before we get to firing up your hair clippers, let’s talk cars. You’ll see the connection in just a minute.

At some point in time, you’ve probably wished for a maintenance-free car. You know the kind of car you never have to bother with getting the oil changed. You can seemingly get away with it for a while. But if you don’t give your car a little TLC and some oil, your car will break down. Your engine will be forced to work harder to extract what little oil is available to keep all its moving parts lubricated. Over time, your gas mileage will suffer. And eventually you’ll start to hear the rumblings of your engine warning you the end is near.

Taking care of your hair clippers is no different. If you don’t use hair clipper oil on the blades of your clippers from time to time, the quality of trim you’ll get from them will degrade. Neglecting the simple maintenance task of using hair clipper oil now and then can be similar to neglecting your car.

You’re not going to end up stranded on the side of the road with a breakdown. But you could discover your clippers are worthless just as you’re headed out the door for an important appointment, a hookup with a hot date, or a job prospect that could change your future. And desperate is never a pretty place to be. Even the best hair clippers need a little oil to keep them in working order.

Just a Drop or Two

You probably spent a chunk of change shopping for the best hair clippers to trim your beard, goatee, and sideburns, just the way you want. On a small scale, it’s like buying a car. You want it to get you from place to place. But you also want to enjoy the ride. Many different hair clippers are available to trim your facial hair. But to get the best results and keep your investment in tip-top shape, you’ve got to use hair clipper oil on the blades.

All you need is a drop or two. Your hair clippers probably came with a small tube of hair clipper oil. Don’t throw it away, or toss it in the bottom of your man-bag. You’ll want to use it periodically to oil your hair clippers. And like a car, you don’t need to change the oil every day.

For hair clippers that get a lot of use, make it a habit to oil them at least once a week. Add a drop or two to the blades and let your hair clippers run for a minute or two. This allows the oil to lubricate all the tiny blades that help groom, trim, and style your facial hair.

Replacement Oil for Hair Clippers

Eventually the tiny tube of oil that came with your hair clippers when you purchased them will run out. But you shouldn’t wait until you run out to get more. It can be hard to find in some places. So it’s a good practice to have extra hair clipper oil on hand before you run out. You can find it at some retail establishments and department stores. And you can also buy it from a number of online sources.

You can spend more on the brand-name hair clipper oil. In reality, the generic stuff is just as effective at keeping your hair clippers lubricated and in working order. And stick to hair clipper oil, please. Some dudes have used car oil, cooking oil, or other lubricants, but these substances can damage your hair clippers and potentially irritate your skin.

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