Is the Modern-day Spa Dead?

If you have any involvement in the beauty industry you probably just cracked your screen clicking this article. No, your eyes did not deceive you, it may be time we say our goodbyes. I’ve been connected in some way or another to the spa/salon industry since birth, thanks to my mother. Facials, Peels, Masks, and the occasional microderm are a foundation in the beauty industry, how could this amazing thing we call the spa be DEAD? in life things shift, die and can even be reborn. The modern-day spa as we know is making that change as well. To help me get the facts and understand this sensitive topic, I spoke with industry professionals, business owners, and even clients to get the scoop. Let’s review ….

Over the past several years, there has been a significant shift in the Spa and Salon Industry to-ward clean beauty products and services that are free of harmful chemical ingredients. Following the increasing growth of natural beauty trends, businesses have been forced to adapt to these changes in order to improve customer experience and stay afloat in the industry.

Prior to the clean beauty movement, the majority of big companies in the beauty industry carelessly formulated and manufactured their products with chemical ingredients. As a result, most beauty service businesses used these products in their spas and salons for a long period of time until the negative side effects of these practices were brought to light in future years. Although these ingredients have not been officially declared unsafe by the Food and Drug Administration and still exist in a lot of everyday products, they have decreased in popularity over the past decade.

Consumer Awareness about the Danger of Chemical Products

Late Gen Xers & millennials have become increasingly aware of the health benefits and disadvantages that come with the use of different beauty products. Eliminating chemicals from personal care routines has become a worldwide media trend, with an influx of bloggers and social media influencers promoting it as a lifestyle and getting their message across to the masses. After becoming educated on what is good for the human body and what is not, millions of people have started paying closer attention to ingredients lists, looking for keywords like “paraben free” and “plant-based” to integrate into their daily life. As a result, it is a necessity for salon and spa businesses to pick up on the widespread trend of their customers caring about what they put in and on their bodies by staying away from chemical products.

People have caught on that putting these chemicals on their faces and bodies can potentially put them at risk of infertility, miscarriages, and certain types of cancers. Even hair products can eventually spread through the entire body, creating an imbalance in certain hormones. It has been known for years that chemical services in hair salons such as coloring and Brazilian Blowout straightening treatments can be harmful for everyone who inhales the fumes as soon as they walk in. A lot of these products contain ammonia and even formaldehyde, which is actually a human carcinogen. Consumers that are aware of the damages that these chemicals can incur will natural-ly look for better salon experiences where they can get clean beauty services without breathing in toxins during their visit.

How Salon and Spa Businesses are Changing with the Times

We are at a critical point is the history of the industry, trends show that as of 2019 clean has tak-en over. Natural and plant-based products currently account for the most sales in the entire skin care industry and are not far behind in all other beauty categories. These products are safer and cleaner than the alternatives and are more widely distributed than they have ever been in the past. Available in millions of stores across the globe, customers no longer have to travel to specialty health stores to find and purchase quality products. Likewise, they don’t have to spend much time searching for a salon that operates with the same kind of sustainable products they invite into their homes and use on a daily basis. More companies are following this trend than those who are not, creating competition for the other brands that are not properly adjusting to the in-creasing demand for these products.

The rapidly growing demand for natural beauty products directly trickles down to the beauty service industry, motivating many spas and salons to invest the new clean beauty trend. Accounting for the costs that come with adding sustainable products to their inventory will help them to keep existing customers that have recently become concerned with implementing healthier routines. This will also help them attract new customers that are specifically seeking out clean beauty services and better appeal to the general population. Successful businesses in this industry are making the transition to natural, chemical-free ingredients in the hair, skin, beauty, and spa services they offer. These changes include everything from hair coloring to facials and body scrubs. Basically, any kind of service that was previously offered in the average spa and salon is now available with better products somewhere else, and this trend will continue to spread in upcoming years. Salon and spa businesses now have the choice to sink or swim after being faced with the facts of the clean beauty industry’s growing future.

Why Businesses That Don’t Evolve Will Lose Customers

Due to these changes in the industry, businesses that fail to adapt to more health-conscious practices will eventually fall behind their competition. It is increasingly important for salons and spas to stay up with the trends of non-toxic beauty services to avoid becoming secondary to the businesses that have successfully made the transition.

Spa and Salon businesses that are not able to change their methods to fit the current natural beauty trends and provide a unique experience to each customer will lose in the race against more versatile companies. Customers will naturally gravitate toward businesses that can advertise clean beauty services and move away from those who are stuck in their ways and refuse to change. Salons and spas that follow along with current movements provide a better experience to customers by showing that they hold the same values and can cater to each individual. Beauty businesses must begin to show that they care about those who purchase their services in order to continue to thrive in the industry.

EMPOWER the Experience!!!

As a visually and experience-driven society, there is a need for unique and personal exchanges while being served in the beauty industry. Customers do not want to feel like they have received the exact same treatment as everyone else. They also don’t want to give business to an establishment that offers the same quality of products and service as the next one. It is vital for salon and spa businesses to make each individual feel great during and after their visit. The quality of beauty services is no longer determined by just looks anymore. Instead, customers want to be assured that the products being used on their bodies are beneficial to them from a health stand-point. Salon and spa businesses that are able to properly execute giving each customer an exceptional experience that feels like their own will always be in the lead.

Future Thinking Individuals

I spoke with Konstantina, the manager of JC Christopher’s salon and Spa who saw this trend coming and acted on it. Last year she made the choice to bring Bellus skincare, a NJ based Skin-care company popularly known for their Unique clean services and products. “Our clients can’t get enough of Bellus and the new exciting clean offerings. We now give them access to experience driven lifestyle products and services that promote skin health, not harm.” Said Konstantina. The direct result was an increase in existing bookings and a 10% increase in new client’s acquisitions. This all happened in the first 90 days, it was All within the first 90 days, it was unbelievable.

Carol, the owner of Glaminator Beauty Bar in NJ, acted in the same fashion. She predicted the shift and had a full retail and backbar clean product line developed. By Offering both product a service she saw a 20% spike in revenue within the first 6 months after her private label rollout.

How the Clean Beauty Industry Will Continue to Grow

With so many new natural products hitting the market and making its way into spas and salons worldwide, the Clean Beauty Industry is steadily expanding and growing every day. So much that it is currently on track to break through the barrier of a $20 Billion valuation approaching the year 2020. More specifically, it is estimated to reach a peak of exactly $22 billion in the year 2024. Since the natural beauty trend has become popular, the industry has grown consistently at a rate of approximately 8-10% per year. If the demand continues to increase at this rate, the value will have doubled over the span of the past 8 years from its peak of just over $10 Billion in 2016. Clean and sustainable products have reshaped the beauty industry and become a standard in the past decade with numbers to prove it. Based on the positive results it has produced so far, there is no reason to believe this trend will be dying out any time soon.

After reading this, what are your thoughts? Do you think the modern-day spa is dead? Or just like the caterpillar begins it journey into the butterfly, it will evolve into its new clean, beautiful future self. I’ll let you decide!

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