New Lipsticks that Don’t Smudge

lipstickOkay, many of you may already know this but there is a huge trend right now with this new long lasting lipstick! I had to try it for myself after reading the reviews to see if it works as advertised.  Here are some of the things I liked:

  • Lipsense is the highest quality of brand I tested. There are some other knock offs coming out that claim to stick on lips and not fall off but they are not as good.  I first learned about Lipsense after reading their reviews and got my first couple of tubes.  This stuff lasts forever!  I have applied it over 5 times so far and haven’t even made a dent.  Now be mindful that to remove Lipsense you should use coconut oil and may be hard to get off your first try.
  • There are plenty of colors to choose from, over 72 at the moment.
  • Most other girls don’t know about it so you are unique! When you are at the pool rub water on them to show it off.  You can also kiss boys and not leave a stain behind.  Everyone will be impressed.
  • If you like the product as much as I have, then you can also sell it yourself and become a distributor. Some girls are making loads of money.  One just needs to be creative and post a lot on their social media following and sales will come in.

Now that I have gone over the good things about Lipsense here are some of the things that I was a bit disappointed by.

  • You have to buy the Lipsense starter kit which is $50 or more to get started. I wish you could just apply the lipstick without the gloss or primer but you cannot.  Once purchased though your gloss will last dozens of applicants.
  • Almost too good of a product… I mean this by it can be really hard to get off the first try or two!
  • Distributers are limited to United States so far so women who want to make money by selling their product cannot at the time.

In summary, if you haven’t tried some of the new types of long lasting lipsticks, it is worth it to read some reviews and try some out yourself.  In the long run users can save money over buying dozens of lipsticks and be more happy with the look and feel on their lips.

Thanks for reading and please comment below if you have tried this out!

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