5 Things to Consider When Buying an Antique Ring Online

antique ringAn antique ring is a special purchase. As such and whether it is being bought to propose with, add to a collection or simply wear one’s self, the search itself for that perfect ring, is too a special undergoing. For that reason, here are five important things to consider before buying an antique ring online.

Price: High Street vs. Online

There is no competition when it comes to comparing the prices on the high street with those online if you are looking to buy a genuine antique ring; because online stores do not amass many of the overheads that must be afforded by high street jewellers (and before even profit becomes a factor), buying online will always prove the most cost effective means of purchasing an antique ring. Hence, if you are looking to make an investment out of antique ring or add it to a collection, it is worth getting into the habit of buying online. Meanwhile, for those looking for a an antique ring as a ‘one off’ purchase to wear or gift to a loved one, buying online could mean doubling the size of the diamond it bears without doubling the price.

The trick to buying antique jewellery online is to always turn to a well established and reputable online specialist or jeweller to avoid getting ‘ripped off’ of being disappointed. To help you do exactly that, here is just one place online where you can shop without concern as to what you are buying to get you started: the Antique Rings Online website.

Authenticity: Getting the Real Thing vs. Getting Scammed

Authenticity is always a concern when buying anything antique, and rightly so. Fortunately, buying an antique ring online is a relatively safe and perhaps surprisingly savvy way to bag the real thing at a really great price. Consequently, the fear of getting scammed should not deter people from purchasing antiques of any kind online, including an antique ring.

That said, because ‘fakes’ are sold online and scammers do prowl the world wide web, it is still advisable to arm one against becoming ‘easy pickings’ for those out there and waiting online to make money without making good on the items they are proposing to sell. To do this, the Portal Wisconsin website currently features a very insightful article written by the director of the Wisconsin Historical Museum, Ann L. Koski, and title: ‘Identifying antique and costume jewelry: tips to get you started’.

It is possible to take a close look at an antique ring even located in another country, as long as a seller is willing to provide high quality photographs. Further, these are worth asking for before buying as being asked will often ‘spook’ scammers and so reveal them. Meanwhile,  if a seller refuses or is unable to provide high quality photographs, it is unadvised to buy from them as no reputable or professional antique ring or jewellery seller would find this request outlandish or even out of the ordinary, given the nature of the items they deal in.

The Shopping Experience: on the High Street vs. at Home

Many people looking to buy an antique ring or jewellery item will have an emotionally invested interest in said item. This is true whether a collector is on the hunt for a new addition or a person is looking to find the perfect antique engagement ring. Because of this, some people will find shopping for that perfect antique ring online a very different and potentially even less enjoyable experience, at least initially as part of the fun and excitement is often derived not from discovering the item, but hunting it down.

Consequently, it is worth taking some time to have a look online without aiming or setting any stores upon finding the perfect antique ring. Doing so will provide you with a ‘feel’ for and give you some indication whether shopping online is for you. In almost all cases, a few minutes of browsing online through the wealth of what online shopping provides is enough to dispel  a person’s initial reservations.

Where to Shop: Home vs. Abroad

Shopping online for an antique item of any kind instantly opens up a whole new world of options to a buyer. Online shoppers stand a far better chance of finding the perfect antique ring for them and far less chance of having to ‘make do’ with what the high street has to offer. Hence, opening your search up to the possibilities buying online offers can prove the only way to get the antique ring of your dreams.

That said, the internet is the perfect playground for scam artists. Hence, when making an important, often very personal and with it expensive purchase, such as that of an antique ring it is of paramount importance to do so with caution. Further, many who would never wilfully misinform or miss sell something in person find the anonymity of the internet enables and even tempts them to do exactly that.

Hence, if you are not very internet savvy or experienced when it comes to buying online, it is advisable to at least begin by refining your search to UK based antique jewellers. Or, at the very least, those operating with the European Union to ensure you are at least protected by the laws put in place in the UK and European Union in an effort to protect consumers buying online from being scammed or miss sold goods of any kind.

Jewellery Auctions: Online vs. In Person

These days many auction houses that people frequent in person and which sell antique jewellery and specialise in it and are as such reputable places and provide fantastic opportunities to bag a real gem (no pun intended) or bargain online too. This permits ‘bidders’ who cannot attend an auction in person from missing out.

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