Five Surprising Benefits of Going on a Spa Day

spa dayRemembering to respect and treat ourselves is definitely important as well as enjoyable, but what are some of the more surprising benefits of a spa day?

Hot and Bothered About Blood Pressure?

Regularly making use of the saunas and steam rooms provided by many treatment Spa’s are then a great way not just to get some ‘me time’ or relax for ten minutes. Using steam rooms and saunas can also lower and help to keep a person’s blood pressure down.

People with very high blood pressure or / and who are taking medication for high blood pressure might want to take a read of the ‘How to Use a Steam Room With High Blood Pressure Guide’ published via the Live Strong website before rolling up their towel and heading to the spa.

Don’t Get S.A.D

People who are in the habit of making time to regularly use saunas and stem rooms aren’t just more relaxed in general because they remember to take time to relax or benefitting from lower blood pressure levels; as attested by Dr. Luke an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: ‘”I’ve recommended it to people with high blood pressure, muscle spasms, seasonal affective disorder, and high stress levels[.] It’s also effective at detoxifying the body of chemicals from pollutants in the atmosphere and earth, and it’s generally much safer than taking a lot of medications.” So, the next time you think you can’t afford to treat yourself to a trip to the spa, instead ask yourself if you can really afford not to after hectic week.

Mates and Mud Chambers

Not all spa treatments are about getting preened and pampered. Some, like the Serail Mud Chamber treatment at Holmer Park Spa in fact are more about dishing the dirt, literally.

Described as the ‘special highlight of Holmer Park Spa’, the mud chamber provides a fantastic alternative afternoon to ending up catching up or spending some quality time with a loved one or friend at the pub or spending money in the shops. What is more, whilst you and your and friend or partner catch up in the chamber the mud covering your skin helps to cleanse and soothe tired, sore and weather beaten skin.

Hence, this one is a warming and creative way to socialise without the usual bad habits that accompany going out with friends or for a date, such as booze, indulgent food and a late night. For maximum results, take a friend or partner and hit the mud chamber in winter when your skin is most in need of a little reviving and your mood too could probably use a lift.

Rub it Better

Massages offer a myriad of health benefits, so much so they are used as part of physiotherapy and recognised worldwide by professional medical organisations including the NHS. Massages don’t just help to heal injuries and improve circulation though.

Research carried out by academics at the University of Auckland found that those who suffer from migraines reported that they suffered far fewer episodes when they took up going to the spa for massages.

Soothe Your Body and Ease Your Mind

There is no denying that being whisked off to a spa for the day helps to lift one’s mood. Being preened, pampered, spoiled and treat like a VIP is once in a while does wonders to boost our sense of self worth helps to feel more confident and relaxed in our own skin.

Then, perhaps the true surprise when it comes to spa treatments and mental health is not that indulging in a day at the spa can help to maintain a person’s mental wellbeing, but that so few people realise this. Perhaps because when we are mentally suffering we do not always feel like going to the spa, or going anywhere for that matter, but fighting the urge to stay in, shut off and shut down in favour of hitting the spa can open up a world of positives.

Not only do we socialise whilst at the spa, we also benefit from being in a relaxed atmosphere and engaging in activities that remind us that we are worth pampering. Lastly, because many mental health issues can cause aches, pains and muscle tension, there is often no better time to head to the spa than when feeling fragile, mentally and physically. So, on that next down day do yourself a favour and instead of curling up on the sofa with a box of tissues (or chocolates), get yourself booked in for a mud bath, sweat off rather than sweat over that bad mood and see for yourself how quickly you might just find your mood improves.

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